Tell your Virginia legislators to co-sponsor HB 1755 to Repeal Right to Work

Our Virginia Delegates and State Senators must co-sponsor Delegate Lee Carter's HB 1755, the 2021 Bill to repeal the so-called Right to Work laws in our commonwealth. We owe it to the almost 5 million workers here in Virginia to have access to adequate representation at the bargaining table.

Virginia is ranked as the number one state for business in the country but is ranked 51st for workers, according to Oxfam. In "right to work" states, annual wages are $1558 less on average than in non "right to work" states, with lower health benefits and pensions and less safety on the job. "Right to work" makes it harder for workers to join together to improve their pay and working conditions.

In 2020, we have seen historic unemployment numbers. Millions of people have lost their jobs, gone into huge amounts of medical debt because of their lack of benefits, or been laid off because they lose work due to the fact that they don't have paid sick leave.

Unions raise wages of unionized workers by roughly 20% and increase total compensation including benefits, such as paid sick leave and paid family and medical leave, by about 28%, while significantly reducing gender and racial pay gaps. The "right to work" law does not give anyone the right to a job but instead reduces wages, health care, retirement security, and on-the-job safety for all workers.

"Right to work" has its roots in racial and economic inequality. Literature to support early "right to work" measures in the 1940s stated that if "right to work laws were not passed, white women and white men would be forced int organizations with black African apes ... whom they will have to call 'brother' or lose their jobs." During a time of a racial justice revolution, we can not continue to support laws that have racist roots in injustice.

Repealing the "right to work" law would allow Virginia workers to organize for better working conditions and family-sustaining wages. Allowing our workers to unionize and have a seat at the table will give them the necessary protections they need so wide spread unemployment will not occur in the commonwealth of Virginia. Let's repeal right to work!