CPUC- Keep Your Promise! Hold PG&E Accountable!

Last June, over the objections of fire survivors, people with disabilities, you, me, and thousands of other Californians, the murderous corporation PG&E was let out of bankruptcy. The regulators that allowed them out promised us that if the utility giant burned down, shut off, or smoked out Californians again, they would be there to hold PG&E accountable.

Well, now they’ve got their chance- and we’ve got to make them live up to their promise.

Will you join us and send a message here to the California Public Utilities Commission, demanding that they hold PG&E accountable for the fires, shutoffs, and damage they've done to California?

Petition to CPUC Commissioners:

Dear CPUC Commissioners,

When you passed the PG&E Plan of Reorganization over the protests of community groups, you said you were excited to finally have authority to hold the corporate utility accountable. Now that PG&E's caused more deaths and damage to our lives and livelihoods, we're asking you to use that power, reject PG&E's safety certificate, advance them to at least step 3 of the Enhanced Oversight and Enforcement process, and protect Californians by taking power out of the hands of wall street and putting it in the hands of the people.

Since it was allowed out of bankruptcy, PG&E has:

- Caused the Zogg Fire, killing 4 people and burning 56,000 acres

- Violated the promise of the plan of reorganization to remain "ratepayer neutral".

- Shut off lifesaving power to Californians at least 6 times without sufficient notice or resources in place

- Undercut compensation to fire survivors by over a billion dollars, that many are still waiting to receive.

- Misled the regulators about whether they'd been trimming the appropriate trees in fire prone areas.

- Failed to make significant hardware upgrades to power lines that would have dramatically reduced wildfire risk.

It is clear that PG&E needs more than a slap on the wrist- we see that when they are given more time, more Californians are burned down, shut off, smoked out, and charged for it in the process. I stand with the Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice campaign and demand that the CPUC act now to reject the Safety Certificate and move PG&E deeper into the Enhanced Oversight and Enforcement process.

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