Tell Your Lawmakers: Oppose HB21-1317 - Regulating Marijuana Concentrates

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Twenty years after medical marijuana was legalized and Seven years after marijuana was legalized for adult-use in our state, Colorado is seeing misleading information brought to the cannabis consumers relationship with the community. Colorado’s laws and regulations have already set guardrails around youth prevention and education. We are facing a NEW anti- cannabis propaganda that's been regurgitated time and time again. Our organization is to keep up with the evolution of anti-cannabis propaganda. New anti-cannabis organizations have combined with others to bring old propaganda that Potency levels have skyrocketed and many high-THC products are deceptive and appeal to our youth.

Now more than ever, we need your voice and we need to be heard!

Speaker of the House Alec Garnett, Representative Caraveo, and 4 other legislators late Friday night introduced a dangerous piece of legislation to begin chipping away at the medical program, authorizing THC potency levels, and aligning medical and adult-use. They feel this will address marijuana regulatory gaps to better protect youth and address the mental health crises. This bill language will only harm medical patients including those patients who choose to not be on the registry, violates protection of patient/doctor relationship, chips away at the medical program, aligning med with rec, and will plan to authorize THC potency.

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