Dear Chancellor Carranza: Please rescind the decision to close PS 25, and put a preK and a 3K in the school for next year.​

The previous Chancellor tried to close PS 25 in Bed Stuy Brooklyn because of low enrollment, despite the fact that according to the DOE's own statistics, it is the fourth fourth best elementary school in the city and the second best in Brooklyn in its positive impact on learning. It also has very small classes of only 10-18 students per class. Parents at the school have won a restraining order to keep the school open for at least another year, but we would like the Chancellor to rescind this decision, to keep the school open beyond that time, no matter what the court decides. If the school does close, the entire building will be left to Success Academy, which already has an elementary school in the building and intends to put its middle school as well.

PS 25 serves an extremely high-needs student body, of which 99% live in poverty, a third have learning disabilities, and about 23% are homeless, and yet the students outperform the city average in their achievement levels. Closing PS 25 will add only more disruption and displacement to these students' lives. This is why we are calling on Chancellor Carranza to rescind the decision to close the school. Instead, the DOE should celebrate its successes, emulate its small classes, and put a pre-K and a 3K class in the school next year and allow its enrollment to grow.

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