DEC Comment: Climate Change

The Williams NESE fracked gas pipeline would endanger local communities and the environment, while further locking our state into dependence on fossil fuels at a time when we must be shifting as quickly as possible to 100 percent renewable energy.

When the DEC denied Williams a WQC on May 15, 2019, a major reason it gave for the denial was the fact that the NESE project “would result in greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, which cause climate change and thus indirectly impact water and coastal resources.”

When Williams re-applied on May 17, 2019, it responded that, “without agreeing that this comment is relevant to the Water Quality Certification,” building the NESE would reduce GHG emissions. To make this claim, Williams hypothesized that if all 400,000 dekatherms of the gas delivered through the pipeline in an entire year were burned in boilers that would otherwise burn #2 fuel oil, 2.80 million metric tons less  carbon dioxide equivalents would be emitted in a year.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has decision making power to stop this pipeline. They have very specific, legal criteria that gives them the power to deny Williams’ application, and we’ve made easy-to-access, online prompts that helps you write your letter. We will continue to add a new subjects in the coming days.