Defend Abortion and Expand Abortion Care in Nevada!

The Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe and Casey as early as this summer. When this happens, more than half of states have laws or constitutional amendments that make it certain or likely that they will attempt to ban or severely restrict abortion, and 13 states have ‘trigger’ laws that would automatically ban abortion if Roe is overturned. While this is a blatant, deadly, and undemocratic attack on the working class (particularly against low-income people of color and those living in red states), it would likely only mark the beginning of a right-wing rollback of Supreme Court decisions that enshrined basic queer and civil rights. Our bodies, our lives, our rights, and our democracy are on the line.

The Right has already chipped away at Roe and reproductive freedom for decades, such as with the passage of the Hyde Amendment which immediately cut off federal funding for abortion. A world with real reproductive choice and justice includes universal childcare and universal healthcare with free coverage of abortion– a stark contrast to what currently exists. To win that world, we must hold the line on Roe v. Wade.

Our autonomy should not depend on the whims of nine unelected lifetime appointments but on the democratic will of the people.

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