Defend Free Speech, Drop the "FSP 3" Charges

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UPDATE 7/25/21: Reflection on a Not Guilty verdict at trial and the campaigns surrounding this case here. Thank you to everyone for the amazing support.

UPDATE 7/18/21: This video includes police bodycam footage of arrests made in retaliation against a free speech event Dec 6, 2020 at Florida State Prison, where cars were towed and one protestor was sent to the hospital as a result of an injury caused by a sheriff after being handcuffed.

If the charges are not dropped tomorrow (Monday, July 19), a jury trial is scheduled for July 20 - 21 at the Bradford County Courthouse for the remaining case stemming from bogus criminal charges of 'trespassing' and 'resisting arrest.' The court room is open to the public during trial.

We would also love to amplify the recent Florida Prisoner Solidarity phone zap for exposing abuse at FSP. Let's show FDOC that repression breeds resistance:


Protesting in front of prisons is an important way of showing that the people inside are not forgotten or invisible. It's also a way of engaging with current and former prison employees who need to know that the outside world is paying attention to what happens behind those walls. Whether or not one agrees with the message or tone of a protest, we all agree they are a fundamental part of maintaining a free society.

We are the friends and family of three people facing criminal charges for participating in one such protest at the gates of Florida State Prison on December 6, 2020, as part of a memorial for a beloved abolitionist organizer Karen Smith who died in a car accident a week earlier.

We are asking you to please contact the State Attorney's office and politely encourage them to (1) respect constitutional right to free speech, and (2) be fiscally responsible with court resources by not prosecuting this case.

You can use this form letter to send a quick, detailed email explaining the reasons to stop prosecuting this case.

In addition to sending this email, you can also call the attorneys who are responsible for deciding how to handle the case.

  • Luis Bustamante, Division Chief Assistant State Attorney (904) 966-6208
  • Scott LaPeer, Assistant State Attorney (352) 374-3670
  • Brian Kramer, Head State Attorney of the 8th Judicial Circuit (352) 374-3675

You can send postal mail expressing your concern to this address:

State Attorney, 8th Judicial Circuit
120 W University Ave
Gainesville, FL 32601-5381

And if you wish to make a donation to the legal defense fund that has been supporting this effort, you can do so by Venmo: @FreeFloridaF12 or Paypal:

Please also share social media far and wide.



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