Defend NEU Exec member Kirstie Paton: Support the Right of Trade Unionists to Speak Out!

Dear Supporter,

Thank-you for signing the petition, it reached over 3000 signatures and was submitted to Cath Smith (Headteacher of The John Roan School) on the 18th of February.

Unfortunately, United Learning Trust are continuing in their victimisation of Kirstie on the grounds of gross misconduct. If they are successful this will deprive students of a passionate, experienced teacher in a period of academic uncertainty. The NEU has made repeated representations to Cath Smith and to United Learning demanding that they drop this unjustified disciplinary action but so far, they have not listened. NEU members at John Roan are currently organising a ballot for industrial action over this issue. However, we are calling on you as you as a supporter of the campaign to send the letter on the right to the following individuals urging them to cease their victimisation of Kirstie:

Jon Coles, Group CEO of United Learning

Cath Smith, Headteacher of The John Roan School

Stephen Belk, Chair of Governors of The John Roan School

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