Delaware Child Care Budget- Fund Our Future

Governor Carney has invested over $100 million in enhanced reimbursement for child care during the COVID-19 pandemic—this has been vital to preserving the child care industry.

o   Child Care needs greater financial investment to be stable.  The Governor will present his budget in January for FY2022. Contact Governor Carney NOW to encourage him to:

       *Continue to pay for child enrollment, rather than attendance. In K-12 education, children's slots are funded for the year, which is more equitable and stable- especially during a pandemic.

       *Make child care a door opener- just like when there are more K-12 students enrolled, there should be more Purchase of Care slots funded in the state budget.

       *Invest at the cost of care. Currently the state pays a fraction of the true cost to provide quality child care for children, in the future, the state rate should be set and kept up with at the cost of quality.

    o   Child Care is essential for the workforce of today and tomorrow. The state investment has prevented catastrophe in Delaware so far—but we need them to continue.