Demand a Permanent Pay Raise for Teachers and School Employees

The 24-25 MFP (HCR 21) does not include a permanent pay raise for educators and staff. Instead, the proposed stipend means teachers and school employees may receive less compensation next year than this year.  

Tell your legislators to send the MFP back to BESE and give educators and staff the raise they deserve!

HCR 21, the legislative instrument for the 2024-25 MFP, lacks a permanent pay raise in Level Four, which is necessary for it to become permanent.

Amendments to HB 1 offer another one-time stipend for teachers that is less than this year and may not include all teachers or staff, emphasizing short-term "fixes" over long-term stability. These decisions not only destabilize the teaching profession but also risk the quality of education by undermining retention efforts.

It's time to push back and advocate for the permanent raises we were promised, ensuring our students have the best educators and staff, not just the ones we can afford.

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