One of the easiest ways to cool our communities is by planting more trees, and yet tree planting has hit its lowest level in 15 years. Additionally, as storms and other climate impacts worsen, we need a plan to protect the trees that have already been planted. The urban canopy acts as the lungs of New York City: filtering air pollution and offering shade and evaporative cooling in our public spaces. Vital infrastructure needs careful, coordinated, long-term investment. Join us in telling the New York City Council we need an Urban Forest Master Plan to assure proper growth, maintenance, and preservation of trees now and for generations to come. We demand the passage of Introduction 1065 with amendments to:

  • Fully funding the Department of Parks and Recreation

  • Reach 30% canopy by 2035

  • Include metrics to prioritize environmental justice, climate change, health, access, and workforce development for Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) disadvantaged communities with high heat vulnerability index scores

  • Account for the distinct needs of trees at various points in their lifespans, including wood salvaging when trees are lost due to disease or natural disasters

Please find your council member here and send this message showing them what the urban forest means for your health and safety.

Note: Action Network uses zip codes to match you with a councilmember. Unfortunately, City Council districts do not always align with zip codes. You can use the Action Network Zip Code Guide - NYC City Council. Please find your councilmember and use the associated zip code in Action Network.


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