Demand Burlington City Council Respect Democracy and Put Referendum on the Ballot

Vermonters for Justice in Palestine (VTJP) have successfully secured the required signatures to place the Apartheid Free City Referendum on Burlington’s ballot for the March elections. This is an enormous achievement and shows the popular support for Palestine in Vermont’s "Queen City."

But the Mayor and his allies on the Burlington City Council—the same pro-war faction that scuttled the ceasefire resolution—are planning to block the referendum from appearing on the ballot, violating our democratic rights. They and their Zionist allies are lobbying hard for their position behind the scenes.

We are calling on all Palestine solidarity activists no matter where you are in the state or country, but especially those in Burlington, to email all the city councilors encouraging them to respect our democratic right to place the Apartheid Free City Referendum on the ballot. Not only is solidarity with Palestine at stake, but democracy itself.
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