Demand Fair Pay for UC Library Professionals

The University of California has a $41 billion budget. It has enough money to pay athletic coaches multi-million-dollar salaries. It has enough money to give nine Chancellors huge raises in the hundreds of thousands of dollars EACH! But the UC claims it doesn’t have enough money to pay essential workers the salaries and benefits we deserve and need to make ends meet in California.

Negotiations for Library Professionals are underway with the UC and Teamsters are rallying across the UC system to fight for essential pay for essential work. Our salaries are below market, below inflation, and too low for the overwhelming majority of us to afford housing near our workplace. The University calls us “heroes” but insults us on payday.

  • UC pays Library Professionals at least 16% less on average compared to other public sector counterparts
  • Raises for Library Professional are sporadic and do not account for increases in cost of living
  • Most in the Library Professional titles receive roughly the same pay as Library Assistants
  • UC has misclassified Library Professionals as exempt from overtime

Let's show the UC that these pay conditions are unacceptable for Library Professionals. As a world-class institution of higher educations and cutting-edge medical care, the UC should be setting the standard for pay and benefits, not sending their workers further into economic distress! Workers, students, faculty and friends: please take two minutes to send an email and help us in the fight for the pay we need!

Letter Campaign by
Teamsters Local 2010
Oakland, California