Ask Governor Gavin Newsom to sign SB 674 into law!

As California prepares to spend billions of dollars on green infrastructure projects, now is the time to ensure that these investments create high-quality jobs for Californians, especially those workers who have been historically excluded from meaningful employment.

However, often public investments like this create jobs that are low-paying, temporary, and with few benefits, All told, job standards in the clean energy sector still lag behind those the fossil fuel industry.

That’s why a coalition of community, labor, and environmental organizations have come together to advocate for Senate Bill 674, California’s High Road Jobs Program. SB 674 would require public contracts to have a set of minimum high-road job standards, including requiring certification that employees aren’t misclassified. It also allows public agencies to incorporate additional high-road factors, such as wage or benefits commitments, into their scoring criteria for bids.

We have the opportunity to create community-sustaining jobs while also investing in transit solutions that reduce pollution in our state. Without this legislation, California workers may be left out of the state’s investment in green transit.

We need your help getting SB 674 across the finish line. Will you send a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom and ask him to sign Senate Bill 674 into law?

Letter Campaign by
Jobs To Move America
Los Angeles, California