Demand Congressional Support for the People of Flint

We demand restorative justice for Flint in the wake of the water crisis of 2014 and 2015. During those years, thousands of Flint residents of all ages were poisoned by their own government. A pending settlement is now in Federal Court that will provide restitution to some Flint residents but not all. The Michigan Poor People’s Campaign believes that the proposed settlement does not go far enough in providing long-term support for residents of Flint whose health has, or may be impaired by the poisoning of Flint’s water.

In addition to the pending proposed court settlement, we are demanding that all Flint residents receive Medicare for their lifetime. The precedent for this action was incorporated into the Affordable Care Act of 2010 for the community of Libby, Montana.

Please join the Michigan Poor People’s Campaign letter campaign and demand that Senators Stabenow and Peters introduce and advocate for passage of federal legislation that will provide Flint residents with Medicare.