Demand that Dianne Feinstein withdraw her watered down climate resolution!

The draft resolution, released on Friday, February 22,  is a watered down grab-bag of Obama-era executive orders. Some were great when introduced (Paris!) while others were known to be inadequate at the time. Since then, the scientific warnings have become starker while Trump has moved aggressively to accelerate fossil fuel burning. Some highlights

-- Feinstein’s resolution wholly omits the massive public investment (green jobs) contemplated by the Green New Deal

-- The resolution guarantees “business as usual” for fossil fuel extraction by, e.g., reinstating Obama-era methane regulations

-- Feinstein’s resolution wholly ignores drilling for oil offshore the California coast -- a move already on Trump’s agenda, and inexcusable for California’s senior senator to ignore!

Equally important, Feinstein’s resolution is bad politics. It will fracture Senate Democrats when they need to be united against Mitch McConnell’s tactics. The Green New Deal has already united most all of the leading Presidential candidate Senators.

We’ve drafted a short email for you, but as always please feel free to add your own words to make it more powerful.

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