Demand the California Assembly Pass the California Jobs Plan

Communities of color, women, and low-income neighborhoods have faced the disproportionate effects of the pandemic and its related economic downturn. In Los Angeles County, Latinos are three times as likely to be hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 as their white counterparts, and Black people are twice as likely to be hospitalized. More than four of five Black workers in California have sought unemployment benefits during the COVID pandemic — a rate nearly twice the state average. Women are struggling in the COVID economy, reflected most starkly in a December jobs report showing 140,000 jobs lost, all held by women.

This isn’t an accident. Decades of structural racism has meant that our economic system is rigged to disadvantage Black and brown people.

Now is the time for California to lead by creating a statewide plan to level the playing field for workers historically excluded from meaningful employment. That’s why we’re supporting the California Jobs Plan Act (SB 674), which will ensure state transportation funds support the creation of high-quality jobs and expand access to these jobs for Californians, especially women, people of color, veterans, and people returning home from incarceration.

Letter Campaign by
Abhilasha Bhola
Los Angeles, California
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