Save Home Care in NYS!

Here are the facts:

  1. The proposed changes to Medicaid home care eligibility will DENY THOUSANDS, leaving them in the community with no care or forcing them into an institution where thousands have died of COVID-19.
  2. Governor Cuomo, amidst the nursing home scandals, has not responded to ADAPT's demands to REVOKE these changes and save the lives of New Yorkers across the state, even though he claims to be "champion for the high risk."
  3. Luckily, the Senate and the Assembly have -- Tell your representative to SUPPORT the bill to repeal these changes -- A5367; S5028

What exactly is changing? The eligibility criteria for Medicaid home care. People will now need 'limited assistance with physical maneuvering' for at least 3 "activities of daily living" from a very SHORT list that excludes many necessary tasks for our survival. This is a DRAMATIC and DETRIMENTAL change. Under this, it will actually be EASIER to meet eligibility for NURSING HOMES over home care. We have spent YEARS as a community fighting against institutional bias, and this change would set us back DECADES.

Why should I get involved? This is about something much bigger than us as individuals. This is about disabled lives being DEMONIZED, DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, DEVALUED, and DISMISSED. Everyone is going to be disabled someday, even if we as a society don't want to admit that. Everyone deserves to age with comfort knowing that services will be readily available when they need them. This is not an "us" versus "them" -- this affects US ALL.

Fill out your information to SEND OUR LETTER to Governor Cuomo and your representatives in the Assembly and the Senate TODAY!

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Letter Campaign by
Marie Hickey
Stony Brook, New York