Disregard the Parlimentarian’s Recommendation On Immigration

Today, the Senate Parliamentarian recommended against including immigration provisions in the Build Back Better Act. This is the third plan the parliamentarian rejects, which would have provided temporary work permits to millions; the first two plans sought to provide a permanent pathway to citizenship.

“The Senate parliamentarian’s ruling is not the final word on citizenship,” said Richard Morales, Political Director at Faith in Action. “Senate Democrats must be bold and move forward with an alternative approach to protect immigrants and create a pathway to citizenship. We will not stop fighting until citizenship is delivered. We cannot build back better without Immigrants.”

“Congress has the moral obligation to provide undocumented immigrants, who have been the backbone of this country throughout the pandemic, a pathway to citizenship,” said Nanci Palacios, Deputy Director at Faith in Florida and DACA recipient.The Senate has it in their power to make history and provide a pathway to citizenship in the Build Back Better Act by ignoring the parliamentarian’s recommendation.”