Dixie Fire: #BuryPGE, Not Our Families

We knew it was coming.

PG&E has caused yet another mega fire endangering Californians lives and livelihoods. As the Dixie Fire rages, now the 14th largest fire in California history, the California Public Utilities Commission has not used the tools they promised to employ to hold PG&E accountable.

Will you join us in sending a letter to the CPUC, and demand they #BuryPGE, not our families?  

Here's a sample letter you'd send to the CPUC:

Dear CPUC Commissioners,

On July 18th, PG&E admitted that it likely caused the Dixie Fire, which has quickly become one of the largest and most dangerous fires in California history. PG&E has proven once again the danger it poses to all Californians. When you voted last year to pull PG&E out of bankruptcy and implement the Enhanced Oversight and Enforcement Process, you promised that you would use your new powers to truly hold PG&E accountable, including revoking its license to operate. Now, with thousands of people being displaced and endangered once again by a PG&E-caused wildfire, you must act quickly to fulfill your oversight and enforcement responsibilities..

I join the Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign in demanding that you:

  • Place PG&E further into Step 4 of the Enhanced Oversight process

  • Revisit and reject the Safety Certificate given to PG&E that was approved behind closed doors in April 2021

  • Make the investigations of the 2019 Kincade Fire and the 2020 Zogg Fire public, lessons from which might have prevented the Dixie Fire

Thousands of Californians represented by our campaign demand a safe, reliable, renewable, affordable, worker and community controlled energy system. We can not wait for another 9, 12, or 18 months for the CPUC to simply slap PG&E’s wrist as the utility continues to endanger our communities. We demand that you take these steps immediately to hold PG&E accountable and protect our lives.

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