Do NOT cut Title IIA funds - which would lead to larger class sizes!

Congress is going to vote early this week on an education budget that would cut Title IIA funds by $294 million. President Trump wants to eliminate Title IIA funds altogether for the following year. Many districts use these funds to hire teachers to reduce class size or keep class sizes from growing larger. For example, in NYC, $101 million of these funds are spent on keeping teachers on staff. In many schools, class sizes are already too large and far larger than before the recession, when schools lost thousands of teachers nationwide.

Please write to Congress now and tell them not to cut Title IIA funds, since lowering class size is one of the few education reforms proven to work to help students learn, stay engaged, graduate from high school and go onto college. Smaller classes have also been shown to provide a host of other benefits, including narrowing the achievement/opportunity gap, by providing more equity to students of color and from low-income families.   Just plug in your name and address, and feel free to edit the letter to add any personal details you like. Thanks!

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