Do not evict local family operated farm for a highway!

The 36 acre parcel located along Quarry Lakes Drive in Union City is currently leased to the Ramirez Farm, a local family operated farm that grows pesticide free vegetables and sells them from a roadside stand. The site is also home to the 140 year old Peterson Farm House, which is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.  Union City is in negotiations with CALTRANS to acquire the 36 acre parcel and evict the farm in order to gain access to 9 acres to build more roadways and to fill the remaining 27 acres with 300 car-dependent residential units.

Please send the following letter to ask CALTRANS and the City of Union City to halt the purchasing negotiations and instead explore options for preserving the Ramirez Farm and historic Peterson Farm House to maintain the historic, environmental and community benefits they bring to this area.
Don't let them pave over paradise to put up a parking lot!