Don’t Let a Rat Gut Charter School Accountability

The General Assembly before adjourning their regular session took an important step toward establishing greater transparency and more accountability for schools operated by charter management organizations (CMOs). S.B. 1096, passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, empowers the legislature with final approval of charter schools and requires CMOs to be subject to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

Attempts to strip the FOI and charter approval process provisions of the bill by Malloy Administration officials were discovered on the last day of the session during budget “implementer” discussions. That’s when pet projects and sneaky legislative maneuvers -- or “rats” -- are traditionally passed.

But lawmakers will soon go into “special session” to pass implementer bills. Thank them now for voting to establish stronger transparency and accountability frameworks for charter schools and urge they VOTE NO on any implementer bill that would weaken S.B. 1096.

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