DREAM Act and Discharge Petition

DREAM Act and Discharge Petition Talking Points


  • The progressive community is calling on Congress to immediately, pass a clean DREAM Act that does not include funding for Trump’s anti-immigrant, deportation agenda.

Discharge Petition

  • 218 signatures are required on a discharge petition to force a vote on the House floor, allowing the DREAM Act to go to the floor of the House for consideration, without being held hostage in committee by extremists who want to derail the lives of an entire generation of young people.  (you can check on status of discharge petition signatories here)

  • 218. That’s how many Members of Congress we need to stand up for the nearly 800,000 DREAMers whose lives hang in the balance.

  • Signing the discharge petition is a clear signal that you stand on the right side of history and for the values of our country family, opportunity, equality and hope.

  • And for those who refuse to sign the petition, they are making their beds with racists, bigots and white supremacists who are hell bent on destroying the fabric of our country.

Why we need to move a Clean DREAM Act to the floor?

  • On September 5, 2017, The Trump administration announced the end of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.

  • A legislative solution is the obvious step to ensure nearly 800,000 individuals will continue to be able to live their lives, work legally and serve in the military.

  • DREAMers are young people were brought to this country for a chance at a better life and this country is home DREAMers are our friends, neighbors and patrons and have gone to school, volunteered in their communities and serve in our armed forces. Those dreams will turn into a nightmare for hundreds of thousands of young people if 218 members of the House don’t do the right thing.

We will not allow that to happen.

Progressive organizations from across the country are calling on their members of Congress to sign-onto the discharge petition and support clean DREAM legislation.   On September 26th, Immigrant Rights groups took over 55 GOP offices on Capitol Hill to demand a clean DREAM Act and a permanent solution to TPS, including the entire GOP delegation from PA. Their support isn’t even an act of political bravery – public opinion on both sides of the aisle is on their side. 84 percent of Democrats, 74 percent of independents and 69 percent of Republicans believe DREAMERs should be able to remain in the U.S.  (Washington Post Poll)

218. That’s the magic number. And the first step in making sure that DREAMers still have a chance to build a future in the country they call home.