Drop the charges against Zephaniah Trevino

We demand the charges against Zephaniah Trevino be dropped immediately.

Zephaniah “Zephi” Trevino is a 16-year-old Latinx girl who has been accused of aggravated robbery and capital murder. Zephaniah was approached in May 2019 by a sex trafficker who used drugs, threats of physical assault, and threats of death against her family. Zephaniah is an underage victim of sex trafficking. She was manipulated by her groomer, an adult, who also confessed to pulling the trigger. Zephaniah spent a year in jail, without being convicted of any crime.Before this, Zephaniah was an active member of her community; her family raised her by their faith, she played softball, and had made the drill team at her local high school in Grand Prairie, Texas. After spending over a year in jail awaiting her trial, she was finally released in August. However, now District Attorney Creuzot is trying to certify her as an adult. This would automatically mean a life sentence if found guilty of a crime in which she was also a victim.Please sign this petition to show support for the innocence of Zephaniah Trevino, and to show the Texas justice system their shortcomings in defense of black and brown children and teenagers. We demand that DA Creuzot not only NOT certify her as an adult BUT drop the charges IMMEDIATELY.
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