No action on campaign finance reform. Let your VA legislators know that this is NOT okay.

Campaign finance bills keep being killed in our General Assembly. It's time to raise your voice.

Common sense campaign finance bills keep being voted down in Virginia. We need your voice to convey this message to our elected officials that citizens care about good governance and getting big money out of politics.  Voters in our Commonwealth care that our state has the laxest regulations in the country and we're tired of bills being killled in committee. In 2021 Wason Center polling results confirms this with nearly 80 percent of Virginia voters agreeing that big money interests have too much influence on our elections...maybe your legislator doesn't care? Send a message that you do care!

Why do we need comprehensive campaign finance reform?

  1. Virginia is one of only five states in the entire country with no dollar limits on campaign donations and we have among the highest cost elections in the country
  2. Twenty-two states and the federal government ban corporate contributions, which Virginia law allows.  
  3. Most egregiously, we are one of only a few states where there are no restrictions on personal use of campaign donations. Campaign contributions to candidates can be redirected to pay for candidates’ personal expenses, without notice to donors.
  4. Compounding the problem, existing Virginia campaign finance laws do little to hold candidates accountable. The Department of Elections, whose mandate includes the administration of campaign finance laws, lacks adequate authority and funding to regulate and monitor the millions of dollars influencing our elections.

It is not surprising that in 2020 the bipartisan Coalition for Integrity ranked Virginia 46th out of 51 in the S.W.A.M.P Index, a cross-state comparative analysis of government transparency and accountability.

You can send a pre-drafted letter, or you can write your own, to your elected officials  The pre-drafted letter requests that they commit to: 1) enacting campaign finance reform legislation which would improve Virginia's status as a "pay to play" state; 2) passing a resolution in the Virginia General Assembly to support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would allow the states to regulate election spending.  

Why is this letter-writing platform important? Your elected officials might not listen to just one or two of us alone, but together we are stronger. Our 💰MoneyOut💲 group will be using these letters for lobbying and not share your information.

Fill in your information on the right side of the screen, a sample letter will be provided. Your legislators will be listed. You can use the pre-drafted message or write your own! It's easy and quick. You can also share this action with friends and neighbors to have more impact.

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