Create an E-Bike Incentive Program for all San Franciscans

A woman riding an e-bike on a street with a child on the back of the bike who is holding a helmet in their hand

E-bikes help people reduce car trips[1][2][3], decreasing car traffic, costs related to roadway construction/maintenance, noise, air pollution, climate emissions, and roadway fatalities/injuries while increasing economic activity, revenue for local businesses, community connectedness, public health, and public land available for trees, seating, parks, playgrounds, housing, and other more effective uses.

Unfortunately, e-bikes are too expensive for many people — especially families and workers — and not subsidized like private cars, resulting in more people buying or using cars, increased car traffic, demand for parking, noise, air pollution, climate emissions, and roadway fatalities/injuries, and wasted public space on private car storage.

San Francisco should create an e-bike purchase/lease incentive program to help more people shift trips to bikes and make our city more safe, affordable, equitable, livable, sustainable, and economically vibrant.

Please sign the petition now to urge our elected officials and policymakers to create an e-bike purchase/lease incentive program — it only takes a few taps and less than a minute, and you will make a real impact!

This campaign was created, and is led by, Luke Bornheimer, Peter Darche, and Lava Sunder. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, email You can find more information about the proposal here and find our FAQ here.

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