Call on Congress to End the Air Pollution Pandemic; Climate, Public Health & Equity in Transportation

The transportation sector alone contributes 35% of U.S. CO2 emissions. In cities, vehicles are the largest emitters. And these transport CO2 emissions are rising quickly, by nearly 3% annually for the last 5 years. The scientific evidence is clear: air pollution harms health across the entire lifespan, causing disease, disability and death, damaging lungs, hearts, brains, skin and other organs … affecting virtually all systems in the human body.   And we are all paying the high cost of air pollution through the costs of medical care that we collectively pay through our insurance premiums and Medicare taxes. But the solutions are at hand: electric and H-fuel-cell vehicles (ZEVs) are mature technologies, commercially available now.

This is our chance to build the political will to transform the transportation sector.