Write to your MP: Ban polluting ads

Image of two green placards leaning against a white wall with white writing in the left placard 'ban fossil fuel ads' and white writing on the left placard 'green-washing is a fossil crime'
Photo by Angela Christofilou

Advertising that promotes polluting, exploitative and unethical companies is toxic and wrong. Just when we most need to reduce emissions and restore nature, advertising is locking in demand for environmentally-damaging industries, while hiding their true impacts.

Adverts for a Toyota SUV have recently been banned for promoting driving that is harmful to the environment. Polluters cannot be trusted to advertise responsibly, and regulation is failing. Meanwhile ads for SUVs, meat and dairy, and airlines are rife, normalising high-carbon ways of living that we need to rapidly shift away from.

We urgently need a tobacco-style ban on adverts for fossil fuel companies and environmentally-damaging industries, to stop greenwash misinformation and drive down emissions – can you write to your MP to ask them to support this in parliament?

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