Email City Plan Commission to Support a Pro-Housing Forward Dallas

Dallas is currently looking at updating Forward Dallas, the city's Comprehensive Land Use Plan. View the full plan and more here. Forward Dallas will inform and influence future zoning and land use throughout the whole city. City Plan Commission is close to voting on their final version of the plan before sending it to City Council, so this is your last chance to have your voice heard at CPC.

The current draft plan is one that will move Dallas towards being more affordable, more livable, and more environmentally-friendly. But some individuals are lobbying for Forward Dallas to do nothing but maintain our current status quo. Email the City Plan Commission that you support a Forward Dallas that provides greater housing options across our neighborhoods and promotes an inclusive vision for our city.

If you or someone you know has struggled to deal with skyrocketing housing costs in Dallas, Forward Dallas is your chance to give feedback and help create a city that has enough housing to be affordable for all.

Specifically, we are fighting for a Forward Dallas that advocates for

1. A Community Residential Placetype that accommodates more housing within single-family neighborhoods.

2. An emphasis on Mixed-Use and more housing in commercial and formerly industrial areas.

3. ADUs by right across Dallas neighborhoods.

Read more about Forward Dallas here: