Email Legislators: OPPOSE HB1 - DeSantis’s Anti-Protest Bill

Florida Legislators’ are FAST TRACKING Gov. Ron DeSantis’ racist unconstitutional bill (HB1/SB484) that supports draconian police state measures to criminalize Black Lives Matter protestors and peaceful dissenters in the state. On January 27th, 2021, despite being sent 4000+ emails, receiving hundreds of phone calls, and listening to 70+ people testify, HB1's first House committee passed the bill 11-6 on a party line vote. Instead of fixing the broken and racist system Republican lawmakers are moving an unconstitutional racist bill to its next stop - the  House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee (possibly as early as Februrary 4th)

Click “start writing” to send an email the bill sponsors, staff and legislative members of the House Justice Appropriations Committee and tell them to OPPOSE HB1 and protect Floridian’s First Amendment rights. Let them know you want legislation that supports Florida’s economy in the COVID19 crisis and not legislation that criminalizes peaceful assembly, free speech and dissent. #NoFloridaPoliceState #WeWillNOTBeSilent #BlackLivesMatter.