Email the new prosecutor: Drop the charges agains the Shelby5!

Anna Van Schaap

Send an email to the NEW Macomb County prosecutor Peter Lucido and Macomb County executive Mark Hackel! The Shelby 5 have a court date for their felony charges on January 19th. Show solidarity with them by demanding these politically motivated charges get dropped.

On October 24th, 2020 SHIFT and Detroit Will Breathe planned a march to demonstrate against the racist and hostile climate of Shelby Township, in particular the racist and violent comments of Chief of Police Robert Shelide, who called protesters “vicious subhumans” and threatened to put them in “body bags.”

Immediately upon setting off to march we were met with a heavy police presence. We were assaulted and beaten by a collaboration of multiple police departments including Shelby Township, Utica Police, and Macomb County Sheriffs deputies. Protesters were beaten and thrown to the ground with officers' knees in their necks. 7 people were arrested and 5 are  charged with felonies, including obstruction, assault and resisting arrest despite police being the agents and instigators of violence.

This is all very clearly an attempt to silence the movement in defense of Black and Brown lives through force, brutality and trumped up charges. Shelby Township and Macomb county has long been a safe haven and breeding ground for Jim Crow-style racism and injustice. This can no longer be tolerated, and it can no longer be acceptable to brutalize and terrorize protestors.

Send an email today to take a stand against racist political repression.

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