End the Disenfranchisement of Eligible Incarcerated Voters (Strengthen Bill)

In Massachusetts, 7-9,000 disproportionately Black and Hispanic voters are effectively disenfranchised every election while incarcerated pre-trial or on misdemeanors. That's not because they loose the right to vote -- these citizens maintain the right to vote -- but because we have neglected to pass basic requirements on the sheriffs, superintendents, and elections officials to ensure these voters can exercise their constitutional right.

We're supporting a bill with our partners on the inside to fix that: H. 836/S. 474, The Jail-Based Voting Bill, filed by Reps Chynah Tyler and Liz Miranda and Senator Adam Hinds.

Right now, another elections bill is moving through the legislature -- if passed, it will likely be the ONLY elections bill passed this session. Our legislators need to ensure that bill includes the strongest possible provisions to ensure incarcerated eligible voters can actually exercise their right to vote -- especially in time to be passed and implemented for the with critical sheriffs races coming up in 2022.

Will you write your legislators today?

Letter Campaign by
Elijah Patterson
Roxbury, Massachusetts
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