End Reckless Logging on the Green Mountain National Forest

It's time for a new Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

Vermont's public lands are essential bulwarks against a changing climate and vital habitat for Vermont's native species. Just as scientists around the globe are calling on decision-makers to protect and restore native ecosystems to support biodiversity and store carbon to mitigate climate change, the Green Mountain National Forest is proposing to dramatically increase logging over the next decade.

We are calling on Vermont's Congressional Delegation and Green Mountain National Forest Supervisor John Sinclair to:

• Provide the same protections to Inventoried Roadless Areas identified by the 2006 Green Mountain National Forest Plan revision process as roadless areas covered by the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule;
• Protect the White Rocks National Recreation Area from logging and road building as required by the Vermont Wilderness Act of 1984;
• Place all logging plans on hold until a new Land and Resource Management Plan is issued for the Green Mountain National Forest.

The Green Mountain National Forest is worth more standing. For the sake of the greatest good for the greatest number in the long run, please take action today.

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