English Football: Kick Out Barclays! - Email Template

We're calling on football fans, players, activists, the general public, and all people of conscience to pressure English football to #KickOutBarclays and drop Britain's "bank of football" as a sponsor!

Use our email template and write to the executives of the English FA, the Premier League, and NewCo (the new company that will run the WSL and WC from 2024/5) to demand an immediate and urgent termination of all commercial and sponsorship deals with Barclays Bank until it divests from companies enabling and funding Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza.

Why Should Football #KickOutBarclays?

Barclays Bank owns shares and gives loans worth over £8 billion to arms companies supplying Israel with weapons and military technology. Companies such as Elbit Systems and Raytheon produce the bombs, missiles and drones being used in Israel’s genocide in Gaza and its ethnic cleansing of Palestine. By financing the arms companies that sell weapons to Israel, Barclays is complicit in Israel’s grave violations against Palestinians.

Barclays is one of the longest and biggest sponsors of football in England. It is the current Official Banking Partner of the Premier League and the headline sponsor of the Women’s Super League. Barclays has pumped hundreds of millions into the Premier League for more than 20 years, and over £45 million into women and girls’ football since 2019 through the English Football Association (FA).

As supporters and fans, we refuse Barclays as Britain’s “bank of football” while it bankrolls Israeli genocide, apartheid and occupation. The growth of women’s football in England means that more money is being invested than ever before. But it is appalling to build the women’s game on profits fuelled by bombs and war.

Like Israel, Barclays understands the cultural importance of football. Barclays uses sponsorship deals to disguise its complicity with the Israeli regime. This is part of a wider practice of sportswashing, where international sport is used to normalise Israeli crimes. But Israel’s horrifying violence in Gaza is destroying Palestinian football, bombing stadiums and pitches, and killing and injuring future stars.

We believe in the collective power of boycotts: in 1986, after a 16 year boycott campaign, Barclays pulled all investment out of apartheid South Africa. Today, we respond to the Palestinian calls on people of conscience to support their ongoing struggle for freedom and justice through a sports and cultural boycott.

Join us and take action! Use this template to send an email now.

#KickOutBarclays #BoycottBarclays