Tell Your Legislators to Fight for an Equity Budget

Support a progressive budget

In the FY 2024 budget, both the House and the Senate embraced the opportunity to include forward-thinking proposals that strengthen our commitment to equity, but, with differences between them, the work is not done. In the coming weeks, a Conference Committee of three senators and three representatives will be finalizing the details for next year's budget, and they need to hear from you in support of key provisions:

  • Tuition equity language, which would ensure that all MA high school graduates have access to in-state tuition at our Commonwealth’s public colleges and universities, regardless of immigration status, as 23 other states and DC provide

  • Permanent School Meals for All, which would ensure healthy nutrition for all students, increase educational performance, and support working families

  • No Cost Calls language, as outlined in the Keeping Families Connected/No Cost Calls Coalition’s letter, namely, making all communication services free in 2023, including a strong guarantee of access to calls, and laying out clear language to ensure successful implementation

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