Stop Evans Spring Development

Protect Evans Spring from Urban Development

Protect Evans Spring from Development

Ask the City Council to Vote NO on adding the Evans Spring Development Plan to the Comprehensive Plan

It's Black History month. Stop Roanoke City from repeating the oppression of the Black community with another urban renewal project!

The Roanoke City management is trying to steamroll a commercial development plan that would destroy the Evans Spring woodlands, which protect the Black community from the heat island effect*.

The Black community next to the Evans Spring area has already been displaced by several Roanoke City urban renewal projects.

Due to overdevelopment, northwest Roanoke has the worst heat island effect in the city except for the area around Evans Spring.

If Evans Spring is developed, the surrounding neighborhoods will be subject to the same heat island effect as the rest of northwest Roanoke. This would lead to more health hazards including more gun violence.

*Heat Isand Effect: Causes an area to be significantly warmer than surrounding areas.
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