Expand Wisconsin's EITC and Let Hardworking Families Keep More of What They Earn


Wisconsin workers should be able to raise a family without struggling to make ends meet. That's why Governor Evers has proposed expanding Wisconsin's Earned Income Tax Credit, which would help hardworking families keep more of what they've earned.

The Earned Income Tax Credit is a common sense tax break that helps working people with low incomes make ends meet and keep working which benefits their families, their communities, and local economies. The EITC lets working families keep more of what they earn to help meet basic needs and pay for things that allow them to keep working, such as child care and transportation.

Governor Evers' proposal would boost the incomes of 190,000 families by an average of $140, which they could use to pay for car repairs they need to get to work, pay for school supplies their children need, catch up on utility bills, and pay for other costs important to family functioning.

The Earned Income Tax Credit boosts local economies across the state by helping low-wage workers keep more of their income, which they spend at local businesses to buy groceries, pay for car repairs, or afford child care.

Wisconsin's economy should work for everyone, not just the top 1%. Tell your state Senator to support Governor Evers' expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit.

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