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Problematic Practices at Pacifica Need to be Cleaned Up
- Not Covered Up

What You Can do - It's easy:

But do it today. Please email the FCC Audio Division and strongly urge them to clean up the problems at WBAI.

Simply fill in your basic information on this page, then click the "Start Writing" button under that. On the next page, you'll see a set of bullet points that we encourage you to edit and put into your own words.

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Background information:

For years, the Pacifica National Board ignored requests from members and staff about serious programming problems at Pacifica's New York City Station WBAI, the continuation of which threatens all Pacifica stations. Even after a drastic decline in listenership and financial support, the Pacifica National Board (PNB) did nothing to correct alleged abuses at WBAI.

Pacifica Safety Net (PSN) filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2022 asking them to investigate allegations of fundraising violations at WBAI. Rather than correcting the problematic practices in 2022, the Pacifica National Board went after the whistleblowers and refused to require that any corrective action be taken. The PNB's failure to take any corrective action has put Pacifica stations at risk.

Recently the FCC directed Pacifica (See FCC letter of Inquiry) to provide a broad range of documents in this case, under penalty of perjury. After decades of severe cuts to the staff at the FCC, there is concern that there will be an attempt to quickly settle the matter (a form of plea bargaining). That would prevent a real investigation that could properly expose any problematic practices and any individuals responsible. This is a real possibility.

If you are looking for more information please review the links to the PSN petitions here:

PSN May 2022 Petition to the FCC

PSN’s June 2022 response to Pacifica claims that there was no basis to the PSN petition

For more background details and updates, see pacificasafetynet.org

THANKS for helping to support Pacifica and helping to protect your station!

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