More than 100 musicians, politicians, authors and academics are calling on the Federal government to halt their planned purchase of unnecessary, dangerous, climate destroying fighter jets.  

Join Neil Young, Sarah Harmer and Tegan and Sara as well as authors Yann Martel, Gabor Maté and Michael Ondaatje, David Suzuki and Naomi Klein, among many others and let all MPs know that it is time to scrap plans to purchase 88 new fighter jets at a sticker price of $19 billion. (With the full lifecycle cost of the jets estimated at $77 billion.)

Amidst devastating heat wave and forest fires in British Columbia, and a global pandemic, we should not be spending tens of billions of dollars on unnecessary fighter jets. These resources are desperately needed for a just recovery from the pandemic, investment in Indigenous communities and a swift transition away from fossil fuels.

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This action is sponsored by the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute and the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.