Florida Officials: Bring our $320M in clean tax dollars home!

Photo of Transit Alliance's demonstration against Florida Dept. of Transportation on December 20, 2023
Roxy Azuaje Photography | https://roxyazuaje.com

Last November, the Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) Secretary Jared Perdue announced that the State would not accept $320 million of your Federal tax dollars to invest in clean transportation projects, making us the only State in the Nation to do so. This funding could have gone toward supporting public transit and other traffic-reduction measures, pedestrian and roadway safety, and freight truck parking to improve our supply chain infrastructure and make Florida a more competitive place to do business. With Federal funds accounting for a quarter of our State's transportation budget and having the traffic and road safety problems that we do, Florida does not have the luxury of rejecting much-needed resources.

Tell Florida lawmakers that taxpayers want their Federal income tax dollars invested—not in New York, California, or Texas—but in Florida.