Tell the KY state legislature: Don't override Gov. Beshear's veto of HB 5!

All Kentuckians, no matter their background or current circumstances, deserve to live in a world where everyone has access to a home that is safe and affordable. Instead of living in this world, our people live in a world where we are facing evictions, homelessness, displacement, and across the board, can’t get the housing that meets our needs–that’s close to work and school, that’s safe, high-quality, and doesn’t cost so much that there’s no money left each month for the other things we need to live and thrive.

Here in Kentucky, there are greedy lawmakers who would prefer to criminalize homelessness and hoard our hard-earned tax dollars, as Kentuckians continue to struggle with a shortage of affordable housing.

Please fill out this email form to tell Kentucky lawmakers it's not too late do the right thing: to KILL HB 5, which criminalizes poverty and homelessness, and instead INVEST in affordable housing!

Imagine a Kentucky where all of us can live in safe and affordable homes. Homes that help us focus on achieving our goals and contributing to our communities. Housing is an essential part of what it means to be a human being. Like air to breathe and food to eat, housing is a basic human need. Home is where we begin and end our days. Home is where we store our most treasured belongings. Home is where many of us feel most human. Please join us in urging Kentucky lawmakers to do the right thing, kill HB 5, and and instead take action to actually solve our housing crisis.