Fund the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office

C4C MiHi Partners

Every Michigander deserves access to affordable, reliable and secure internet. Dedicated full-time staff is an important part of making sure that communities can get on a level playing field. Take action and urge the Michigan legislature to approve the funding and eight full-time employees for the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office!

The Michigan High-Speed Internet Office (MIHI) was formed by Gov. Whitmer in June 2021 to ensure Michigan, as a state, have a single point of contact for high-speed internet. Unfortunately, in the months since, the office has been sitting as just a shell with no full-time employees to do the important work of mapping current gaps in service areas and reporting these figures to local governments.

It’s time for the legislature to act and approve the funding and full-time employees who will make MIHI effective––and most importantly, expand internet access across the state. Contact the members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees now so that the vision laid out under MIHI can become a reality.

***Please consider personalizing your email to your lawmaker for maximum impact.

Thank you for taking action!