Fund West Berkeley Budget Priorities!

West Berkeley is facing a surge of gun violence, traffic violence, and many in our community are fixed-income seniors facing food insecurity. We are a historically disinvested community, and Councilmember Taplin and our neighborhoods are fighting hard to secure much-needed resources. The budget must reflect the city’s Strategic Plan priorities to (1) provide state-of-the-art, well-maintained infrastructure, amenities, and facilities; (2) create affordable housing and housing support services for our most vulnerable community members; and (3) create a resilient, safe, connected, and prepared city.

For the Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Appropriations Ordinance, the City Council must fund:

  • Security cameras in public spaces to investigate and deter violent crime;

  • Berkeley Ceasefire program to break intergenerational cycles of violence;

  • Social housing to make housing a human right;

  • 10th Street traffic calming near George Florence Park, schools, and seniors;

  • Food program for fixed-income seniors at Strawberry Creek Lodge

Letter Campaign by
Terry Taplin
Berkeley, California