FY2022 Budget - Save DCPS Librarians

Achievement gaps across the District of Columbia are large and continue to grow. Yet, each year, DCPS school budgets fall short of the need, forcing schools to make decisions that further gaps.

In the Mayor’s proposed budget for School Year 2021-2022, 37 schools across the District do not have a full-time librarian. 17 schools, or 46% of schools, without a full-time librarian are in Wards 7 & 8 (98% of students impacted in those schools are black).

As we return to in-person learning in the fall, our students need more, not less. School librarians will play an important role in reconnecting with students, engaging in rich discussions on digital literacy, supporting inquiry-based learning, building spaces of opportunity, and further fostering literacy gains and literature appreciation.

As educators, we know what works to close the achievement gaps. Smaller class sizes. Co-teaching models. Librarians in every school.

Please contact the Council TODAY to ask them to ensure every DCPS school has a full-time librarian.