Prioritize Early Ed and Care in the FY25 Budget!

It’s an exciting time in the FY25 budget process for Common Start! Both the House and Senate included several pieces of the Common Start Vision in their FY25 budget proposals, including the codification of ‘C3’ operational grants, programs to help advance early educator careers, and permanent policies to make early ed and care more accessible and affordable for families.

We are on track to win significant progress towards the full Common Start Vision this year, but in order to make it past the finish line, we need your help! The FY25 budget Conference Committee will meet in June to reconcile the different budget proposals and finalize the FY25 budget. While several important aspects of the Common Start Vision and the EARLY ED Act were included in one or both of the House and Senate proposals, we need to ensure that as many elements as possible get included in the final version!

We need YOU to reach out to your Representative and Senator and urge them to prioritize early education and care in their conversations with the Conference Committee members. Please take two seconds to fill out the form to the right, and send a quick email to your elected official about this important issue!