Give Rana her Award Back - #WeStandWithRana

Rana Zaman speaks at this year’s Women’s March in Halifax. Photo Foundry Photography

Hello, friends of human rights and justice!

You may have learned that the Human Rights Commission has stripped Rana Zaman of the Human Rights Award she received on December 10, 2019.

This decision was made based on a complaint made by the Atlantic Jewish Council and its members, claiming she is not deserving because of her language used in tweets while defending Palestinian human rights. Based on this, the commission took immediate action and, in less than two days, rescinded Rana’s award without granting the simple courtesy of informing Rana about the complaint nor allowing her the opportunity to address the AJC or the Commissioners before the decision was made.

As we all know Rana she deserves to be honoured by Human Rights Commission we are initiating this petition to show our support to Rana and to request to give Rana her award back.

Please sign your name, ask your family and friend to sign and spread the word

#WestandwithRana #justiceforRana
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Atlantic Canada, Canada