Governor Inslee: Keep us safe! Extend the Eviction Moratorium for the Rest of 2021

We know that Washington renters are drowning in rent debt. The Census Pulse Survey showed that in April 2021, over 237,000 renter households in Washington are behind on rent, with an estimated average rent debt of $7800 per household.

If Washington's eviction moratorium ends as currently scheduled on June 30th, all the work that has been done so far for a safe recovery will be undermined. Renters in our state are not prepared to return overnight to “business as usual” without protection from mass evictions. Protections are more important now than ever, and we need Governor Inslee act in favor of keeping people housed by extending the moratorium as is through at least the end of December 2021 to ensure ALL Washingtonians have a chance to recover from this horrific pandemic.

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