Governor Malloy: Put Safe Patient Care First

The Connecticut General Assembly just passed a bill relaxing safety regulations on an invasive procedure that puts both patients and caregivers at risk. Legislators approved a change in the law allowing unlicensed staff to flush intravenous (IV) lines — a practice now reserved for licensed health professionals, such as registered nurses and paramedics.

Our union, along with the Connecticut Nurses Association (CNA) and the Connecticut Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses earlier this year testified in opposition to the bill. The state's hospital lobby and administrators from just one facility pushed for the change in scope of practice to expand the use of a new medical device.

House Bill (HB) 7174, "An Act Allowing Certain Hospital Personnel to Administer a Saline Flush to an Intravenous Line," has not yet been signed into law by the governor. But time is short for advocates and caregivers to urge him to veto the legislation.

Take two minutes to send your message today telling him why he should not compromise patient or caregiver safety and instead reject House Bill 7174.
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