Grocers: Help Us Help the Planet. Learn About and Move Away from Plastic Packaging.

Plastic proliferation is a global crisis. Every year, we generate more than 35 million tons of plastic waste. Of that waste, less than nine percent is recycled. The remaining 90 percent is incinerated, winds up in landfills, or ends up as litter clogging streams, rivers and oceans.

A trip to any grocery store reveals the dilemma consumers face every day when they try to avoid unwarranted single use packaging. In response, citizens concerned about plastic pollution and reducing waste are urging business leaders to take action. Help us elevate these concerns from the local level by signing on to a letter authored by Dr. Randi Pokladnik.

Help us educate grocers across the Ohio River Valley about the negative health and environmental effects of single use plastics, the links between plastics and climate change, and the sad truths about plastic and its lack of recyclability.

Send a letter asking that the store managers and CEOs in your area immediately begin efforts to reduce plastic packing and ultimately move entirely to alternatives to plastic packaging.